How ON-IT came to be

Small Business! Home Business! What holds them back?

What are the biggest challenges for a small business?  We came to the conclusion that one of them had to be getting their message out into the world.  No good if you have a brilliant concept, idea, business plan or product, if no-one knows about it it's not going to do you much good.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Device use has outstripped laptop and desktop functions for 2 years...and this is set to increase!  Small businesses cannot ignore that the first time a new customer may see them will be on a mobile device. Potential customers and clients want to look at a business when it suits them, and will do this on their mobile first.  Mobile Apps are not just for BIG companies anymore, if small and micro businesses want to take advantage of their lower overheads and higher personal service then they need to push their message out as much as possible.

Why aren't there more Small & Micro businesses with Mobile Apps?

One word!  COST!  Getting a Mobile App designed and created specifically for a small business costs hundreds of pounds...if not thousands!

The ON-IT Vision

Bringing together the fact that small and micro businesses WANT a Mobile App and will NEED one soon to compete, and the inevitable fact that the cost of their own mobile app is too expensive, we came up with the ON-IT project! 

An innovative new way for small businesses to get their own App Space, that they can tailor themselves ON-IT will provide the functions of a Mobile App to small businesses that have previously been out of their reach.  From sending out Push Notifications to adding their own events and offers.  Presenting videos, pictures, offers & events directly to their customers and having an immediate call to action for customers and clients to get in touch immediately!


As there will be multiple businesses within ON-IT, a small business can get their reach further by having their business seen by customers of other businesses. There will also be a platform for businesses to network with each other, finding out about each other and providing offers to other businesses "ON-IT".


There will be a quick and easy way to get customers to review your business and showcase the very best of what you're good at.  Customers will be able to recommend the business to their friends and contacts quickly and easily.


ON-IT will be a platform where small business can work collaboratively to get the maximum exposure for their business and at a price that they can afford.  All this will be available to a small business for as LITTLE AS £20 PER MONTH!


Why only 50 businesses?

We want to provide an OUTSTANDING platform for small business to get the maximum exposure at launch. We want to support them to get the best out of ON-IT and are therefore limiting the launch to 50 businesses in Coventry & Warwickshire.  This doesn't mean we don't have big plans to expand it, and therefore increase the reach and exposure of small businesses, but we want to make sure everyone ON-IT gets the best service possible. 


No problem!  Express your interest now and we'll keep you updated on the launch and let you know when ON-IT is coming to your area.

What next? Get ON-IT!

At this stage we are looking only for expressions of interest in the ON-IT App.  No fee, no cost, no obligation.  Businesses will be limited to one type per location to provide the best reach and exposure within ON-IT so you need to sign up early.  When you do, we'll keep you updated on the project, - features, development, launch dates!  Early interest businesses will also be able to put forward their ideas for inclusion in the app!  All you need to do at this stage is fill out the form on our HOME PAGE and get ON-IT!